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America Selfie is a site-responsive psychosexual history painting that addresses the social and political complexity that has formed America since the country's founding. This major painting installation was commissioned in 2017 by the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College at the University of Mississippi to stimulate discussion and debate among students and faculty. Dean Douglass Sullivan-Gonzalez said, "Overall, 'America Selfie' calls for awareness to the questions that need to be answered if the country is going to improve for all."

America Selfie is acrylic on Tyvek and consists of four panels, all 108 inches vertically. The paintings for the two larger panels are 240 inches long "folded" to 144 inches each. The paintings for the two smaller panels are approximately 72 inches long "folded" to 42 inches each.

Read more about the work here.


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